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We work with young people from across the UK who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a range of abilities. Trinity works in partnership with organisations concerned with the welfare of young people, including schools and colleges, social services, youth welfare groups and others.


We run residential voyages, typically lasting a week or so, for groups of up to 14.


The young people sail the vessel under the direction of our crew, who are both professionally qualified and experienced in youth work. They take part in all aspects of life on board ship, from hoisting sails, helming and standing watch to preparing and cooking their own healthy meals and undertaking domestic duties.


We have a strong track record of helping young people who are disadvantaged in one form or another. The majority are approaching the transition to adult life but have few plans for the future. Many are low achievers, who lack interpersonal skills and have emotional or behavioural problems.


Courses can also be tailored to meet the objectives and requirements of individual groups including the opportunity to work towards national curriculum outcomes or meet the requirements of pastoral programmes.


Trinity is committed to making these benefits available to as wide a range of young people as possible, and through its own fundraising aims to offer financial support in the form of subsidies to those who otherwise would not be able to participate.


All young people supported by Trinity are at a critical stage in their personal development. We work with young people who are up to 25 years old, although most are between the ages of 14 and 18.


Our approach has been extensively used to help young people facing disadvantage in various forms; social, economic, physical and psychological and include those who experience multiple barriers in their lives.


We have a particular focus on those approaching the transition to adult life and judged to be at risk of failing to do so effectively.


Many are low educational achievers, and lack of self-esteem means they have no belief in their ability to change the course of their lives for the better. They lack confidence in their own ability, find it difficult to communicate and relate with others, and to maintain relationships.


Many are from areas of social and economic deprivation, both urban and rural. A proportion have emotional or behavioural problems, are resistant to authority or even advice, and are hard to reach and engage with.




The organisations from which they come include:

  • schools and colleges
  • social services
  • youth welfare and support organisations
  • special needs schools
  • the probation service
  • foster care organisations
  • other charities


Some of the young people are from troubled family backgrounds, and that includes those who are or have been in care, are young carers or are victims of abuse. They may be young offenders or at risk of offending, or be in rehabilitation from alcohol or drug-related problems.


They may be blind or partially-sighted, deaf or with limited hearing, and these problems may be linked to other physical or learning difficulties. They include young people suffering from ADHD, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.


If they fail to make a success of adult life, gain employment, or continue in further education or training, the problems that will be created are likely to be enduring.

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