Our Vessels

Details of our sailing vessels

Trinity operates three traditional sailing vessels: Leader, Provident, and Golden Vanity.

Leader, Provident and Golden Vanity were all built at Galmpton Creek on the River Dart in South Devon, between 1892 and 1924. They are three of the vessels, judged to be of pre-eminent regional and national significance‚ that make up the UK National Historic Fleet. That status ranks them alongside the likes of HMS Victory and Cutty Sark.

Their importance stems from the maritime and industrial significance of their type of vessel, the sailing trawler, which in the 19th century changed the nature of deep-sea fishing. They once existed in their thousands; now only a handful are left.

To learn more about sailing trawlers and the history they represent please see our ‘Brixham trawler‘ and ‘Building a trawler‘ pages.

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