Trinity Sailing’s Facebook Competition Winner Announced

Trinity Sailing’s Facebook Competition Winner Announced

We would like to thank everyone who took part in Trinity Sailing’s Facebook competition, to win a berth on Leader for the 2014 Tall Ships Races.

Tall Ships 2014We were delighted with the response we had, and the Trinity team are happy to announce that Danielle Preira, from Leicestershire, will be joining us on the international sailing adventure, which sees the gathering of hundreds of ships from all corners of the globe.

Danielle’s name was randomly selected, so sorry to everyone who missed out this time. All of those who entered the competition correctly will be emailed shortly with a, first-come-first-served, special offer as a sign of appreciation for your involvement.There are still places available on all three legs of the Tall Ships Races, so it’s not too late to book your spot, but hurry as the remaining berths are set to go quickly.

Please keep an eye on Trinity’s Facebook and Twitter pages for other competitions in the future.

The races, based in the North Sea, will be between the host ports of Harlingen (Holland), Fredrikstad and Bergen (Norway) and Esbjerg (Denmark) during July 2014.

Trinity is offering three opportunities for people to participate in the thrilling event. You can take part in all of the voyages, or pick the one that appeals to you the most.

As well as having a great deal of fun, the Tall Ships helps all of the young participants discover hidden strengths and uncover new talents as they learn the true value of working as a team

Although the event has two races that provide a competitive spirit, the event provides an unforgettable social occasion offering the international crews a chance to get to know each other over camp fires, at parade events and concerts which are put on for them across the host ports.

At each stop, en route, there is a carnival to welcome the ships and their crews. You are given time to explore the various locations and hop on board some the world’s most impressive sailing vessels.

There is a special emphasis on those aged 16 to 24 — at least half of the ship’s company must be in that age range — although people of all ages are able to join the experience and become part of the crew to sail Leader.

The races are scheduled around the end of exam time, so what better reward is there after all that hard work? Getting young people involved with Tall Ships is also an ideal way for of parents and grandparents to introduce their children and grandchildren to the world of sailing.

Since their inception in the 1950s, the Tall Ships Races have been a world-class nautical event, attracting young people from all over the world.

Details of the 2014 Tall Ships Legs:

Tall Ships 2014 map

LEG 1: Amsterdam, Harlingen & Fredrikstad

Trinity will be beginning the Tall Ships adventure in the thriving city of Amsterdam, where the crew can spend four days getting to know the vessel, sailing along the Dutch coast on Leader, as she heads to Harlingen.

The first host port will be staging a wide range of activities and events for the international crews before the first race begins as the boats head off towards Fredikstad, in Norway.

The amazing and unimaginable sight of so many breathtaking vessels arriving in the harbour is worth the price of the trip alone.

LEG 2: Fredrikstad to Bergen

The Trinity crew can stand down from the races and enjoy a cruise company, following the breathtaking coastline to Bergen, also in Norway.

Along the way there will be regular stopping opportunities to meet up with other vessels for parties and barbecues.

Arrive in the city of Bergen which has the honour of hosting The Tall Ships Races for the fourth time.

Ships will sail in from the magnificent Byfjorden, to meet the harbour of Bergen, surrounded by seven glorious mountains.

Visitors to the quayside will enjoy activities for all ages, with free entertainment from live stages and entertainment from, and on board, the tall ships.

LEG 3: Bergen to Esbjerg

Join Leader in the spectacular picturesque Bergen, enjoying the amazing hospitality of the city, before the competitive race back down the coast to Esbjerg, in Denmark, to enjoy the final celebrations

This is the culmination of the Tall Ships, so experience the prize giving ceremony, and see the city comes to life for the final party and celebrations.

Esbjerg is a beautiful city which is often overlooked by tourists possessing has the largest fishery harbour in all of Denmark. The area also has some of the best beaches in the country.

Sun 29th JuneSun 13th July* Spaces still available14Leader£1,260
Mon 14th JulyFri 25th July* Limited spaces available11Leader£990
Sat 26th JulySun 3rd Aug* Limited spaces available8Leader£720

More about the Tall Ships experience: 

The 2014 Tall Ships adventure is open to anyone aged 16 and up. No previous sailing experience is required and you can sign up for one, two or all three legs. The price includes all of your meals on board, berthing, waterproofs and Tall Ships shore based activities.

This is adventure sailing at its very best – you will be racing ‘Leader’ – one of the legendary Brixham trawlers against Tall ships of all shapes and sizes.

Leader sleeps 14 trainee crew plus our qualified sea staff of five. There is a large comfortable saloon, and all modern safety and navigational equipment. Leader is the perfect vessel to get you right at the heart of the fun and adventure that the Tall Ships has to offer! For more info on Leader please click here.

If you would like to find out how you can be part of this amazing experience, and check availability, please get in touch through the office team on +44 (0) 1803 883355 or contact us.