Provident Project

Provident Project

The Provident Project (2013-2014)


Provident’s wooden deck was last replaced more than 40 years ago and over the years gradual deterioration has taken place. Whilst localised repairs have been sufficient to contain the problem, we realised we could not hold off replacing the forward part of the vessel indefinitely.

More recently we discovered that Provident’s keel, the basic structural unit of a wooden vessel, has become affected by a marine crustacean called gribble. Gribble bores into the wood and the affected areas become spongy and friable. Untreated, this problem could potentially cause structural problems.

Coupled to the pressing need for work to conserve Provident, we were keen to build on the positive outcomes from the ‘Leader Project‘ which was completed in May 2012. On the one hand we wanting to capitalise on the groundswell of enthusiasm we received for this heritage project, and on the other we wanted to build on our wider education and promotional work.

We therefore developed a project that would bring these elements together – using the capital works as the centerpiece for a larger project that would educate local children and the wider public about their maritime heritage and also spread the message about how important it is to conserve vessels such as Provident.

Funding a project of this scale is no easy task and we are delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) have supported the project with a grant of £49,100, through the ‘HLF Your Heritage’ programme. Combined with the funding from HLF, National Historic Ships UK and several grant giving Trust and Foundations as well as individual donors and supporters provided important funds. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Heritage Lottery FundAims of the project:
  • To restore the keel and part of the wooden deck of Provident
  • To run a maritime heritage education programme: firstly, an ‘outreach programme’ for school children aged 10-14 years old  (Key Stages 2/3) which will be delivered through in class workshops and, secondly, through educating young people and the general public who sail on our vessels or visit them during maritime festivals and events
  • To develop a range of teaching and information materials – printed, visual and online to promote maritime heritage
  • To promote maritime heritage to the general public through new information displays and permanent heritage exhibitions, working with a range of local partners including Brixham Heritage Museum and Brixham Harbour
  • To provide volunteering opportunities for young people and the general public to gain hands-on experience of the skills and techniques required to maintain and sail traditional sailing vessels.

* Keep an eye out for updates on the project on our ‘News’ and ‘Facebook’ pages.

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