Funding young people

Support for groups of young people

All of the partners we work with – schools, social services, youth welfare organisations and special needs schools – contribute to the cost of sail training but some cannot fund the full cost of sending a group of young people to participate in the Trinity experience. To ensure that our sail training programmes remain inclusive we have to work hard to raise funds with which to provide financial support to those who need it and can benefit most from what we do.

The Trinity bursary scheme, thanks to the support we receive in the form of grants and donations from a number of sources, is designed to ensure that where necessary we can help bridge the gap between an organisation’s resources and the full cost involved.

Our bursary scheme is managed by the Board of Trustees and each bursary is awarded on the basis of available funding, social need and the likely degree of benefit to the young people concerned.

For youth organisations and youth leaders – if you think your group might qualify for bursary support please call the office team on 01803 883355 or contact us. We can talk you through the bursary application process and discuss how we can work in partnership to bring about lasting positive change for your young people.

Those groups who receive bursary support will have to commit to undertaking monitoring, evaluation and reporting to Trinity. We use this information to ensure our approach puts the needs of young people first and to demonstrate/evidence the impact and benefits of sail training for the young people involved.

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