The fleet at anchor


Raising funds & promoting our work

There’s lots of ways you can have fun and raise funds for Trinity…

You might want to take on the challenge of running a marathon or doing a sponsored bike ride.  Or you might be able to use your network of friends and family to run a coffee morning or dinner event with the proceeds going to Trinity.

If you are thinking about ways you might be able to raise funds to support our work, please call us on 01803 883355 –  we’d love to hear from you and find out how we can we support your endeavours. Recent examples of events that were initiated by our supporters include “Relay South West” (a sponsored run, cycle and sail around Devon & Cornwall) and “AFLOAT” which was an art exhibition held at Torre Abbey.

Every two years we host a large fundraising event called the “Sea Picnics” which raise significant funds towards our work. For a small charity like Trinity, we really need help with running events of this scale and if you feel you could spare a few hours to help us, or might know of a company that might like to become a sponsor, please get in touch.

Open Days at Trinity

Each year we host ‘Open Days’ when people can come along and get a real feel for what we do at Trinity. These might coincide with maritime events or festivals in other ports or be held in local Devon waters. To find out about any Open Days we have planned please give us a call and  keep an eye out on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

We are also delighted to arrange meetings on board the vessels when teachers and youth leaders can come and see us to find out more about how our sail training might help their young people. Don’t worry if you are not based near Brixham, our vessels regularly visit other parts of the UK, so give us a call and we can help plan a visit.