About us

Background to the Trinity Sailing Foundation

Trinity was established in 1999 by uniting three organisations with similar interests in youth welfare and maritime heritage, and each with its own historic vessel, built locally in South Devon.

The expectation was that together they could accomplish more than they could separately.

Since then up to 600 young people each year have benefitted from the experience Trinity can provide, working in partnership with the organisations through which they come to us to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Although the most sizeable proportion of the young people come from the South-West of England our network of partners extends to London and the Home Counties, the Midlands, the North of England, Wales and Scotland.

The sail training we provide can benefit young people from all kinds of background, but we have a particular interest in helping those who are disadvantaged in one or more ways.

For more information about the kind of young people we help, what we do and how it works, please visit our Inspiring and motivating and Changing young lives pages.

Trinity now employs an office team of four and up to a dozen full-time and seasonal crew. The infrastructure that has been built up is intended both to deliver high quality experiences to clients and ensure that the vessels have a secure long-term future.

Upkeep of the heritage vessels is an ongoing process, carried out both during the season and through our winter conservation programme. In addition we undertake occasional major projects. For further information please see our Heritage page and Heritage Projects pages.