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The Foundation

Trinity has two main aims:

  • 1.

    To support the personal development of young people, using the medium of offshore sail training on traditional vessels. Meeting and overcoming challenges, working as part of a team in an unfamiliar environment, creates a very real sense of achievement that builds confidence and self esteem. That in turn is important in motivating them to tackle the obstacles they face with a new sense of optimism, and to take decisions that will improve their future prospects.

  • 2.

    To preserve the historic vessels for which we are responsible, as important examples of our maritime heritage, and to increase appreciation of that heritage by enabling people to experience life under traditional sail and learn about the history the vessels represent.

The two aims are complementary. We believe that our vessels are particularly well suited for the work we do with young people, and that using them for a socially beneficial purpose is an important aspect of ensuring their survival.

Training Video

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