Here is a collection of feedback we have received over the past 12 months from both sail training group leaders, and individuals who joined us for a cruising holiday…


“It was an excellent introduction to sailing – my first ever trip. An outstanding holiday that was a great mix of learning, fun, exercise, and a great atmosphere. Sailing across the Channel, a barbecue on the beach, sea shanties, a night sail in to Torbay – one of the best holidays.”
Steve, Provident Channel Islands Cruise


“The voyage allowed the students to develop a complete set of skills in relation to sailing Provident and living together in close quarters.  The unique learning environment enabled them to practice and improve skills in setting sails, navigation, helming etc, realising their own potential and supporting others to complete tasks. The most significant achievements for our students were ultimately to do with the change in mindset that came about as they gained confidence in a totally new environment. I believe this to be the most valuable achievement as it will hopefully raise their aspirations as they realise the opportunities available outside their normal experience.”

Carl, Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy, Sail Training Week


“It’s great to see maritime history is being kept alive.”
Simon, Leader Brixham Heritage Regatta


“We have found, in all of the 12 years of working with Trinity, that we all pull in the same direction. Trinity crews are exceptional. They are clear in their love of what they do and in their desire to share their passion with others. This year we were fortunate enough to sail with a skipper we already knew. His management and commitment to the success of the trip were absolutely key. Having sailed with us before, he knows what we want and we knew he would deliver. Indeed, this last point could be applied equally well to the whole Trinity organisation.”

John, Mary Elliot School, Sail Training Week


“The food prepared by Lottie, the cook, was outstanding — better than in many restaurants.”
Alison, Provident Brittany Cruise


“The voyage gave the students the confidence to work together as a team. They worked out of their comfort zone. They had to work and think independently. It proved to them that they can ‘manage’ away from home. They are able to make new friends and adapt socially to strange situations. They learned to live out of a bag in a small confined area. They learned social skills with regards to eating at the table and sharing meal times. The prepared meals and tried new food that they had not experienced in the past. They were given the opportunity to manage a budget that they had for spending money (some of them had not had this money before). The students grew in confidence as the week went by. They were sad to leave which is always a good indication of the success of the voyage.”

Sarah, Arena Academy, Sail Training Week


“In my 17 years of having a bright, enthusiastic and diligent daughter never have I seen her so animated as from the moment she stepped back ashore after the week’s practice on Golden Vanity — save for her stepping ashore after the second week of sailing under the DofE assessment.”
Father of Connie, Golden Vanity, Duke of Edinburgh Expedition


“The whole experience was so memorable. I can’t pick one particular moment; it was just great having a wide-range of new experiences: swimming in the sea, taking the helm, helping to put up the sails — a great experience in fantastic locations.”
Gemma, Provident West Country Cruise


“This was my second trip with Trinity and I enjoyed it even more than the first – a great week with knowledgeable, helpful, and considerate crew. Would highly recommend and will come again.”
James, Provident Channel Islands Cruise


“There were too many memorable moments to choose from. The sea crossing and night watches were a new experience to me and great fun, with so much scenery.”
Corrie, Leader, Leader West Coast Adventure


“My most memorable moment was seeing the dolphins on passage from Tresco to St Martins and then the sail home on the last day – seven sails up and five plus knots, just magical!”
Sue, Provident Isles of Scilly Cruise


“I have to commend the leadership of the Trinity Sailing crew. In my view they were outstanding. Their calm but authoritative approach got the best out of the group. And whenever one young person seemed reluctant or unhappy for some reason, there was plenty of encouragement. Teaching sessions towards the RYA qualification were well delivered. The galley was an important component not only for the provision of an excellent range of food but for the work with individuals. This included work with young people to cook their own recipes. The crew took responsibility for discipline on the boat as it was their environment and this provided the basic sense of safety for everyone.”

John, Families for Children, Sail Training Week


“Red deer, dolphins, glorious weather, the complete and utter beauty of the western isles — a superb cruising area.”
Fiona, Leader Oban Cruise


“Everything was just perfect, the ship, the skipper, the crew, the seamanship, the food, the ambience, awesome!!!”

Peggy, Leader West Country Cruise


“I would recommend it to anyone doing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh. Ben was very good at explaining how the boat worked and showing us what to do. It was a very enjoyable experience.”
Robert, Golden Vanity Duke of Edinburgh Residential


“This was my first trip of this kind. The crew were amazing, so relaxed and professional and made our trip a delight, great learning the ropes. Being out of sight of land, blue all around and above. The food was outstanding! Sadly a storm meant we had to shelter up the Dart at the end of trip but the skipper still thought up ways to carry on with our adventure.  Thanks again for a life changing adventure.”

Martin, Provident Channel Islands Cruise

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