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Trinity Sailing, Booking Terms & Conditions

Voyages may be provisionally reserved for a period of up to a week after an initial enquiry is made. A provisional reservation means that we will endeavour to reserve that voyage for you; however, a provisional reservation is not confirmed until the deposit of 25% of the total voyage cost is received by Trinity Sailing. The completion of a booking form constitutes an agreement that you wish the booking to be confirmed and that you agree to pay the deposit of 25% of the total sailing holidays cost which is now due.


The balance of the total voyage cost is payable two months prior to sailing.


In the event that you have to cancel your booking, any monies paid by you to Trinity Sailing will be retained and any deposits or balances that remain due under these Terms and Conditions must be paid immediately, this includes voyages fully or partly funded by Trinity Sailing. Sail Training groups that cancel at short notice will be liable for the full cost of the voyage. It is a requirement that you arrange appropriate insurance that provides cover in the event of cancellations.


We reserve the right to cancel any voyage. If this proves necessary, any deposits or balances you have paid will be refunded and Trinity Sailing will have no further liability whatsoever. We will not be responsible for any delay, curtailment, changes to itinerary, alterations to travel arrangements or any associated costs due to weather conditions or operational reasons beyond our control.

Bookings are subject to the provisions of the Athens Convention.

You may make a payment over the phone using a credit or debit card, by cheque, or by BACS transfer. If you wish to pay by BACS transfer please contact us for account details.


The majority of voyages have no fixed itinerary, which given the vagaries of weather is the best way to go sailing. We will aim to achieve the specified departure point, arrival point and any intended itinerary, but cannot guarantee that we will do so. The weather, and particularly the direction of the wind, is the main determining factor. For reasons of safety and comfort, the skipper has the responsibility of taking the final decision on destinations, based on conditions at the time. The decision of the skipper or in his absence his delegated representative will be final. All matters arising from voyages shall be subject to English law and jurisdiction.


It is a requirement to have your own insurance to cover against cancellation, loss of personal effects, personal injury, medical expenses, etc. Please ensure that the policy you choose includes cover for sailing outside of UK territorial waters (more than 12 nautical miles offshore). In case medical treatment is required abroad please ensure that you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for voyages that may involve ports of call outside the UK.


There is no bilateral healthcare agreement between the UK and the Channel Islands. Anyone travelling to the Islands, will be required to pay for medical treatment should they become ill or injured. Visitors from the UK are advised to arrange for adequate travel insurance in advance.


4. Medical Fitness

All those taking part should be reasonably fit for a voyage in a sailing vessel, and free from medical disabilities and conditions which would affect their ability to take part in such a voyage. If you are unsure, please discuss this with us before making a booking.


Every person on board should be capable of climbing a two metre vertical ladder, unaided, and able to don and fasten a lifejacket once instruction on fitting has been received. In certain circumstances Trinity Sailing may provide a letter to be signed by the customer’s physician, confirming that the customer is medically suited to sailing with us.  In such cases no booking shall be confirmed for that individual until the signed letter is received by Trinity Sailing. In the event of no signed letter being received this will be considered a cancelled booking and treated as per section 1 (above).


It is very important to accurately declare any and all medical conditions you may have, and to provide details of any medication you may be taking including the dosage regime. We need this information to can fulfill our duty of care for all those on board in case of illness or accident.




The price includes all meals on board, fuel and harbour dues.


We regularly take pictures for use in promotional material, including our web site. If you or any member of your group wishes NOT to appear in any such photography, please let us know prior to your voyage.


Full travel directions, and advice on what to bring and wear, are sent out when bookings are confirmed.


Please ensure these forms are completed in full and returned to us at least one month prior to your embarkation date. Failure to do so may prevent us providing for specific dietary or medical requirements, and may not allow you sufficient time to arrange for signing and returning the letter from Trinity sailing to the physician of a particular individual if this is deemed necessary, as explained in section 4, above.

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