Tall Ships — New Beginnings

Tall Ships 2015

Tall Ships — New Beginnings

Leader is now part-way through Race Two — leg three — of the 2015 Tall Ships Races, heading from Kristiansand, in Norway, to Aalborg, in Denmark.

Here is how they have been getting on during the last few days…

Monday, July 27th

“We spent a busy day today learning the ropes and hosting a coffee morning for crew from the other vessels. The crew of Morning Star gave us some Jaffa cakes in return for borrowing our electric sander. It was nice to relax on Simon the inflatable sofa which the crew brought from England while drinking our coffee and chatting to the other trainees. In the evening we had a lovely dinner of chilli and rice, and then stayed up until 11 to watch the fireworks.”

Tuesday, July 28th

“Today we set sail from Kristiansand. The view during the parade of sail was amazing, with thousands of spectators in boats and watching from the shore.
“At dinner time we turned off the engine and began racing. It was quite rough and some of the crew were seasick. We all helped adjust the sails to go as fast as we could.”

Wednesday, July 29th

“Our watch began early in the morning with drizzly weather which was quid cold. After a few cups of tea everyone felt better as we were making good speed towards the first waypoint. After watch we went to bed. Whilst preparing breakfast we learnt that Leader was 20th in class and 42nd overall which everyone seemed happy with.

“Later on the wind dropped lowering our speed but it gave us the chance to watch the other tall ships. We went fishing and Ben, the Captain, taught us how to gut and clean mackerel.

“The end of the day saw us becalmed amidst a great fleet of other sailing vessels large and small, while eating an amazing Thai green curry, followed by chocolate and pear upside down cake — amazing!”