Tall Ships Challenge — Exploring Denmark and Norway

Leader's Race One crew gather for a final photograph

Tall Ships Challenge — Exploring Denmark and Norway

Leader’s crew have been having a huge amount of fun at this year’s Tall Ships Races. Here is the Challenge team’s final report from their epic 14-day voyage.

Although the Tall Ships Challenge team have finished Race One, Trinity will continue to post blog updates keeping you informed of Leader’s next voyage progress from Fredrikstad to Bergen, and then the second race from Bergen to Esbjerg.

Day 12: Calm seas and Rugged Ports.

Today we continued sailing off the Danish coast, heading to Oslofjord. The sea has been very calm.

During my watch we dropped off at a rugged-looking Danish port to restock fuel and water, after which we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine.

I came back on deck in the evening at 11pm to see a full moon reflecting across the water which was very pretty to see.

Tom, Cool Watch

Day 13: Swimming and Beach Barbecues.

Today we stayed in a fantastic fjord just outside Fredrikstad. This gave everyone a chance to cool off and go for a swim.

Another boat, Morning Star, pulled up alongside and joined us, it was fantastic. Later on that evening we took the dinghy ashore and had a BBQ on the rocks. An amazing welcome to Norway!

Reece, Ice Watch.

Day 14: Goodbye and Thank You.

Today is the last day, which is very sad. Everyone is disappearing one by one which makes everything very strange. The general feeling among us all is that we all had an amazingly fun time and we are going to miss it greatly.

Most of today was spent getting the vessel ready for the next group joining Leader. Thank you to our sponsors, thank you to Trinity, thank you to our crew members, thank you fellow Challenge team. Thank you all for an amazing opportunity — the greatest opportunity I have ever had.

Alice, Bay Watch.