Tall Ships Blog — An Adventure in Arendal

Ben keeps watch on Leader

Tall Ships Blog — An Adventure in Arendal

The crew and guests on Leader are having a great sail around Norway as part of the Tall Ships Races.

Speaking to skipper Ben today he said it’s one of the best sails of his life so far, which is saying something for someone who has spent so much time at sea.

Here are the latest diary entries from some of those on board…

Day 3: Thursday, July 17, 2014 (Part 1)

This is my first time on Leader although I am now a veteran of the Tall Ships Races, having taking part as either a trainee or permanent crew member since 1998.

This year I have found myself on the Brixham trawler Leader, the oldest out more than 100 veseels here this year.

Being on Leader I have experienced a lot of firsts this year. She is the smallest vessel I have done the races on and this is my first time without square sails.

We are on passage to our second port in the part of the races known as Cruise in Company. This is where the fleet visits ports en route to the next race point. The pace is a lot less frantic then the week of racing which precedes and follows it. It’s a great chance to explore the coastline and get to know your crew, and the crews on other vessels you are sailing along with.

It’s the mixing of cultures and crews which I particularly enjoy about Cruise in Company. Where else is there a better place to experience this than along the stunning and beautiful Norwegian coast?

So far I have enjoyed sailing closer to the sea, and Leader has been kind to me by no pitching and rolling too much on a large swelling sea. I will admit I was a little sick but I put that down to eating too much curry and cake (Anne’s food is just delightful).

We have so far enjoyed a stay in Arendal and am now on passage to Flekkefjord, which is described as a small fishing port at the tip end of a majestic fjord. I was wondering if Leader has been here before in her commercial days as she seems to know the way.

Ben Swain, Relief Mate.

Part 2

I am the lucky competition winner, having won the voyage through Trinity’s Facebook competition. I have never been sailing before in my life.

The current 24 hours from Arendal has turned in to a very pleasant journey, however the previous 24 hours was a very different experience. I got a little seasick and found it hard at times but I battled on and was pleased I made it through what seemed like a long night, rewarded by a pleasant stay in port.

After a great lunch, prepared by Anne, we refuelled and set sail and I am glad to say that the seasickness subsided. Either my body had adjusted to life at sea, or the seasick pills I got in Arendal are really working. The cost me about the same as a new house. Boy is Norway expensive!

Danielle Preira