Voyages of discovery

Sail training is about much more than learning to sail it is about helping young people to discover things about themselves. It is an adventure and the experience can inspire young people, whatever their background, expanding their horizons and motivating them towards new goals. For many it is a rewarding and exciting opportunity to get away from it all. For some it is genuinely life-changing.

Not only is it a great opportunity to experience life outdoors, take in the sea air and get some exercise, we also promote healthy eating and work with the young people as they learn to prepare healthy, nutritious and delicious meals from fresh ingredients.

For a voyage to be successful everyone on board has to work together, support each other and value the contribution of others. It is our experience that by sharing in all aspects of the activity on board, strong relationships can be formed between the young people and the accompanying staff, which are of long-lasting benefit in the future.

Training Video

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