Sail training success for pupils from Perry Beeches The Academy

Sail training success for pupils from Perry Beeches The Academy

A group of young people from Perry Beeches The Academy in Birmingham have recently stepped back ashore after a week-long sail training voyage on Leader.

The voyage was a resounding success and the young people had a great experience sailing Leader over 120 miles along the south coast, in conditions up to wind force 5. Following the voyage one of the young people on board said:  “It was great to do something completely out of my comfort zone and I didn’t just have lots of fun, but I have learnt loads too. Before the trip I didn’t really know anyone who was going on the boat too. Now, I have made some new friends and I have really loved every moment on the trip”.

On arriving back in Brixham the group were met by Rob Stevens, MD at Topsail Insurance Ltd., who had provided a bursary for the group. He was able to listen to all the tales from the young people and get a clear feel for the impact of the voyage on those involved.

PB 4“What a privilege to be sitting in the stairway of “Leader” listening to the young people, huddled around the saloon table, recounting the stories of their weeks adventure on board. Each in turn, offering up their best moment and their worst moment, hearing how each had contributed to the week not only with their own personal fundraising but their contribution to the ship and its workings.

It was clear that new friendships had been formed, new challenges and exciting new adventures had been undertaken and with the financial help of the Topsail Insurance bursary, we had been able to assist the group of young people from Perry Beeches The Academy in undertaking their adventure.

I am so pleased that the group enjoyed themselves, this is exactly what the Topsail Insurance bursary is all about, giving young people the opportunity to find out about sailing, teamwork and community and giving them an opportunity to build their confidence and carry away with them lasting memories.

Well done Perry Beeches The Academy for being worthy recipients of the Topsail Insurance Tall Ships Bursary”.