Renowned Wildlife Expert Joins Leader in 2015

Renowned Wildlife Expert Joins Leader in 2015

Trinity Sailing is delighted to announce that a renowned wildlife expert will be joining Leader for a specially-themed cruise this summer.

Kenny Taylor, who has worked with both the BBC and National Geographic, is heading the Wildlife Cruise in Oban with the regular Trinity crew.

The six-night cruise departs Oban on Saturday, August 22 and will be exploring picturesque ports and harbours around the west coast, as well stops in some pretty, not so well known, anchorages looking for a wide-range of a marine animals.

Kenny is hopeful there will be several chances throughout the week so a whole host of animals, from rare birds to basking sharks.

He said: “The chances are high of seeing Guillemots, Razorbills, Puffins and different Gulls on the water as they search for fish shoals.

“Close inshore, Black Guillemots — magnificent in their dark plumage and carmine beaks and legs — dive for Butterfish and make high-pitched, whistling calls.

“Sometimes flocks of Seabirds over one spot can show where there could be a Minke Whale — or even a couple of Minkes — feeding.

“Inshore, Harbour Porpoises are fairly widespread but a good challenge to see since they don’t stay at the surface for long.

“Both Bottlenose and Common Dolphins could decide to come and have a close look at Leader, bow-riding to match speed then powering away at a much greater rate of knots to show how fast you can really travel in these waters.

“Some calmer bays could give the chance of seeing a Basking Shark — the second largest fish in the world.

“This is prime territory for Scotland’s re-established population of Sea Eagles, birds that match the grandeur of the scenery with their two-metre wingspans.

“People onboard will be encouraged to keep scanning the skies for both Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles, and for a range of other raptors –not least the nationally scarce Hen Harrier.

“Some of the islands – especially Jura – are excellent for Red Deer, which look great on ridges against the sky when seen from the sea. Wild Goats on moorlands and Otters in the inshore are other land mammal possibilities.

“Ashore, this is prime time for orchids in bloom and I will have a look to find a variety of species. Also if the weather turns really calm, and hot, part of the ocean magic of these waters can come with blooms of phosphorescent algae. These turn into sparkles of yellow-green fire at night.”

To book a place on Leader’s Wildlife Cruise, call Harry in the Trinity office on 01803 88 33 55, email, or complete our online booking form. (LIMITED AVAILABILITY).