Refit Blog: Spars Done and Dusted

Refit Blog: Spars Done and Dusted

Trinity’s crew, and a team of volunteers, are busy getting all the boats ready for the 2015 season with less than two months to go before the first voyage.

Leader’s new mate, Stan, is sharing how things are going for him and his team, and here’s how the refit went last week:

“Sorry about the delay in the update, there has been lots going on! As of today we have finished sanding and varnishing every single spar and we only have nine blocks left to service. This is a phenomenal achievement and thank you so much to everyone who helped out, we really would not be in this position without the amazing volunteers we have had down.

“Our latest volunteer weekend happened over Valentine’s weekend and there were a total of 10 of us on board, a couple of new people, Elise, Jo and Jabbs, as well as the regulars John, Jeremy, Anna, Lucy and Teymour. Despite the hammering rain we had a really productive weekend and we are almost ready to start putting Leader back together.

“Skipper Ben’s mum, Helen, has also been down painting the crew cabin and making the curtains for the season and Andy has been helping prep the spars up at Totnes.

“Over the next few days we are going to be getting the boat ready for coding, plumbing in the new fresh water system (which is very shiny!) and craning our now immaculate spars back on board.

“Our next volunteer weekend is over Marc 7th and 8th and so far we’ve managed a great night out on every single one. Ben and I are really looking forward to this one.

“If you want to come and help out — there is a job, and a beer, for everyone if you’re over 18 or a lemonade if not — just give Matt and Harry in the office a call +44 (0) 1803 883355 — hope to see you there!”