Refit Blog: Busy and Productive Week

Refit Blog: Busy and Productive Week

Trinity’s crew, and a team of volunteers, are busy getting the boats ready for the 2015 season with less than a month to go before the first voyage.

Leader’s new mate, Stan, is sharing how things are going for him and his team, and here’s how the refit went last week:

“Week 10 of refit and we have finished-off down below on Leader. Two-and-a-half months of heat gunning, sanding, varnishing, priming, undercoating, glossing and she is looking very shiny indeed — thanks to everyone who has helped us out along the way.”

“Last week was very busy with Ben working on the new fresh water system, gas inspections, fire inspections, fitting our refurbished on-deck bilge pumps and sorting our life jackets. We also had the crane down to put our freshly varnished spars back on board. Thankfully Ian volunteered all week to help us out, so a massive thank you to him.

“We also had our third volunteer weekend, with a total of 11 of us staying on board. Despite some drizzly weather everyone worked really hard and we managed to tick off two A4 pages worth of little finishing off jobs, as well as moving a large amount of the rigging back down to the boat. Jeremy worked on the generator for the whole weekend, and we finally have it bolted back in and (almost!) up and running. It was a busy two days, but we did manage to stop for long enough to squeeze in one or two Dark ‘N’ Stormys on Saturday night.

“We have another full on week coming up, where we will be coding the boat, putting the rig back together and sanding on deck. Thursday and Friday next week (19th and 20th) we will be moving Leader to the grid in Brixham to dry her out and antifoul her. This is a massive job involving painting everything below the waterline, as well as an amazing opportunity to see just how massive she is out of the water!

“If you are free we would love to have you down to help us out, either for one day, or to stay overnight. If you can make it, just give Harry and Matt in the office a ring on +44 (0) 1803 883355. You’ll get a very unique view of the boat!”