New Trinity heritage video

New Trinity heritage video

Veteran broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby has fronted a new promotional video promoting Brixham’s heritage sea vessels.

The Devon-based radio and television presenter kindly agreed to front a short video for the Trinity Sailing Foundation, explaining how the charity cares for three former trawlers, along with the smack Spirit of Britannia.

In the film, Jonathan speaks over live-action footage of Leader, Provident, and Golden Vanity at sea, juxtaposed with old black and white images of Brixham fisherman.

The presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions? explains how the Devon town helped to revolutionise the deep-sea fishing industry in the 19th century, when 3,000 trawlers used to head out to sea, when, now, only a handful remain.

Jonathan also explains how Trinity provides cruising holidays during the spring and summer season, which help fund the expensive winter refits and maintenance of these historic vessels, and the important role they play in providing  sail training voyages for young people.

The Trustees and everyone at Trinity would like to thank Jonathan Dimbleby for supporting our work.

Please click HERE to see the new video.