National Historic Ships grant for Provident Project

National Historic Ships grant for Provident Project

We are very pleased to announce that National Historic Ships have awarded a ‘sustainability grant’ of £1,000 towards the Provident Project.

The funding will be used specifically for the work being carried to Provident’s keel, when local shipwrights will be addressing problems caused by a marine isopod called gribble, which are related to woodlice. Gribbles bore into the wood and the affected areas become spongy and friable. Where this occurs in areas such as the keel there is the potential for structural problems if left untreated.

Toby at Trinity said “This grant is a great boost to our fundraising efforts and we would like to thank National Historic Ships for their support of this important project.

Our shipwrights will first begin work to remove the impacted areas of keel and garboard planks and then replace with new timber.  They will then fit a new steel shoe surrounding the wooden keel, which will protect the keel against future problems.

The work to Provident will be going ahead in Plymouth before Provident returns to Brixham for the final fitting out before the start of her sailing season in May”.

There’s lots of opportunities to get involved in the Provident project – either helping out on the vessel or by helping Trinity develop maritime education and promotional materials. Please call the Office on +44 (0) 1803 883355 and speak to one of the team if you would like to volunteer on the project.

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