Meet the Team — Simon

Simon on Leader

Meet the Team — Simon

We are now just under two weeks ahead of the 2019 sailing season getting underway. In the run up we will be introducing you to the current team here at the Trinity Sailing Foundation. Today we spoke with Simon…




Simon Weaver.


What is your role at Trinity?


I’m the mate on Leader, having taken on the role last season.


What are you most looking forward about the coming season?


Meeting new people, going to different places and enjoying what the season brings.


What’s your best piece of advice for someone who has never been sailing before?


Don’t be worried… don’t be afraid to ask… we were once all stood where you stand now.


Which is your favourite vessel in the Trinity fleet?


That would be telling, but I think you might be able to guess!


When you’re not sailing, what else do you enjoy doing?


Travelling, listening to live music and cooking.

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