Meet the Team — Robin Maddex

Robin Maddex

Meet the Team — Robin Maddex

In the run up to the 2017 season getting underway we will be introducing the current Trinity Sailing Foundation team. Today we caught up with a rather crucial member of our sea staff — Robin Maddex.


What is your role at Trinity Sailing?

​I work as the cook on-board Leader ​and also crew on deck and pull a few lines when I can, as well as helping out the bosun and deck crew if needed. It’s really a matter of getting stuck in and everyone works together as a crew. ​ ​​I​ was press-ganged into joining Trinity Sailing before last season, in April 2016. I grew up in Brixham and have always been either on the sea or on the Moors, I had an opportunity to have a look around Leader with Ben​ and she’s such a beauty I felt it would be a fantastic experience to come aboard as part of her crew. So this is my second season now.

What did you do prior to joining the team? ​

I trained as a chef after school and worked in various restaurants and hotels, then after a short spell in the Army had been in the licensed hospitality businesses for many years until I decided to take a break, which turned to a longer break!​ Mind you it’s hard work aboard, fun, but definitely full on!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

​Goodness, that’s hard to say because there’s such a wonderful variety every day when we’re sailing and in port. I would have to say second to the camaraderie of all the crew, that it would be the pleasure of meeting and enjoying the company and fun of our lovely guests. Who come aboard Leader to support and experience such an amazing boat and sail around some of the world’s most fabulous coastlines. It is basically living history on-board all the boats and it’s a privilege to be a part of Trinity Sailing.

Where is your favourite sailing destination? ​

Ha ha, another hard question! Obviously I love the south coast as I grew up in these waters, but I would have to say that the west coast of Scotland and around the islands is just amazing, such a fantastic sailing area, it really is a wonderful experience.

When you’re not sailing, what else do you enjoy doing?

​I enjoy seeing my family and friends, sitting by the harbour with a pint and good food. But I do travel a lot and spend four or five months of the winter skiing​ in the Alpes and a month or so visiting friends near Cognac in France.