Meet the Team 2019 — Mark

Mark on Leader

Meet the Team 2019 — Mark

We are now just a week ahead of the 2019 sailing season getting underway. In the run up we will be introducing you to the current team here at the Trinity Sailing Foundation. Today with met up with a member of our crew, Mark.




Mark Ehlen


What is your role at Trinity Sailing?


I’m the Skipper of Leader.


What are looking forward to most about the upcoming season?


Getting back on board a classic sailing vessel. I have spent a few years on a wide variety of different vessels and it is a privilege to be invited into the Trinity fold and to sail a genuine historic vessel.


What’s your best piece of advice for someone who has never been sailing before?


Arrive with an open mind and prepare to enjoy yourself.


What’s your favourite Trinity vessel, and why?


They all have their quirks, I can’t judge them apart.


When you’re not sailing, what else do you enjoy doing?


Anything outdoors, particularly motorcycle touring. I like to learn about other cultures and traditions. Nature is a big draw for me.

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