Meet the Team 2019 — Harry

Harry Gottschalk

Meet the Team 2019 — Harry

We are now just under two weeks ahead of the 2019 sailing season getting underway. In the run up we will be introducing you to the current team here at the Trinity Sailing Foundation. Today with met up with a member of our office staff, Harry.




Harry Gottschalk


What is your role at Trinity Sailing?


I’m the Marketing & Sales Manager.


What are looking forward to most about the upcoming season?


I think we’ve got a really great crew this year, so I am looking forward to seeing them thriving with the young disadvantaged people we will be welcoming on board. They are all good fun so I think our cruising guests will also enjoy their company.


What’s your best piece of advice for someone who has never been sailing before?


Not to worry. A lot of our guests — practically all of the young ones — have never set foot on a boat before, the crew will literally show you the ropes. Just relax, get involved as much as you want and have fun.


What’s your favourite Trinity vessel, and why?


It changes all the time. When I first started I loved the sheer size of Leader, then my first trip was on Provident so she was my favourite for a bit. I think Golden Vanity has the most romantic history though. I love them all, which is why I Iove my job promoting them.


When you’re not sailing, what else do you enjoy doing?


Looking after my two kids: Billy, who is four, and Polly, who is nearly two. When they’ve gone to bed I enjoy playing the guitar and cooking.

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