LiNX Christian Youth Trust supports Tall Ships Challenge

LiNX Christian Youth Trust supports Tall Ships Challenge

Trinity is delighted welcome on board the latest Tall Ships Challenge supporter.

The latest local organisation to support the 2014 Tall Ships Challenge is LiNX Christian Youth Trust in Torbay.  LiNX represents a commitment from a variety of local churches to serve young people, particularly within the context of local secondary schools.

Claire Farley, Project Manager for LiNX Christian Youth Trust, said “We are delighted that one of our supporters has helped to sponsor the Tall Ships Challenge on our behalf. We are thrilled that young adults in Torbay are being offered such an exciting opportunity.  

Over the last 15 years we have worked with young people in Torbay to enable them to reach their full potential and we know that experiences like this transform people’s perspectives on life, on themselves, on their own ability and potential and on their future.  Through our work in secondary schools and in the local community we encourage young people to be adventurous and support them as they try new experiences which we know help them to grow in confidence and self esteem.

The Tall Ships Challenge will be a great adventure and an inspiration to all involved.”

To find out more about the work of  LiNX  visit