HLF supports Shipshape Heritage Training Partnership project

HLF supports Shipshape Heritage Training Partnership project

National Historic Ships UK (NHS-UK) has today announced that it has received initial support for a £261,100 bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) through the ‘Skills for the Future’ programme.

The development grant of £12,200 will support NHS-UK in progressing plans for the Shipshape Heritage Training Project – an initiative that aims to prevent the loss of the traditional skills and techniques involved in conserving, handling and maintaining historic vessels.

Trinity Sailing Foundation will work alongside NHS UK (lead partner), Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust, Dauntseys School Sailing Club, Sea-Change Sailing Trust and Excelsior Sailing Trust to develop plans to create ten 12-month training placements where trainees will work with a variety of historic vessels receiving specialist training in the significance of these vessels and how to operate them safely and effectively. They will also undertake a historic vessel maintenance course at the International Boatbuilding Training College and an interpretation placement at the Scottish Fisheries Museum.

Toby Russell from Trinity said “We have always believed in the importance of marrying training in historic vessel handling and conservation for our staff development. This is a unique opportunity to work with other partners –  to develop this training approach further, share our learning, and ultimately help develop more trained people within our sector. This is great news for all those involved with conserving our maritime heritage and congratulations to NHS-UK for securing this development funding”.

To see the full press release from NHS-UK click HERE and for more info on the Shipshape Network please visit the website.