Hiking boots and haliards…

Hiking boots and haliards…

As we enter a cold winter spell our thoughts move to some of the more sunny warm destinations in our 2013 cruising programme….

In the first of our series exploring the destinations and highlights of this season, we asked Dougie Walker, one of Trinity’s relief skippers and leader of our new ‘walking and sailing’ cruise in Scotland, to tell us a bit more about what you can expect from this cruise.

“The exact detail for the week will obviously be dependant on the weather, ability and desires of the group. At the start of the week the guests, skipper and I will sit down and discuss our options, in light of these factors, and develop a plan for the week.

Should conditions allow we have the opportunity to explore the high peaks and passes of Knoydart or the island peaks of Rum or Jura, these areas all synonymous with wilderness and beauty requiring long days and commitment, possibly being dropped in one area for pick-up on the other side of our chosen peaks (possibly beside the one of the most famous pubs in Scotland).

Should conditions rule out exploring the higher areas or an easier day is appropriate there is an abundance of lower peaks and coastal walks to be had often giving a fantastic opportunity to witness the amazing flora and fauna of the area as well as the romantic and often tragic history.

Due to the long summer daylight, hill days should not require early starts and could be anything from a few hours lazy exploring to a long and arduous mountain crossing. Tides may mean that we occasionally have some early starts on board. Food will be provided but you may wish to bring extra snacks for your time ashore, please bring personal equipment for the hills and whatever extras (binoculars, spotters guides etc) you wish.  For a full kit list you can talk to the Team at Trinity.

I look forward to welcoming you on this fantastic week involving what I think is some of the finest walking and sailing Scotland has to offer…”.

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