Cruise in Company Coming Towards an End

Stan - Tall Ships 2015

Cruise in Company Coming Towards an End

Kristiansand is just about in sight for the Leader crew as she comes towards the end of her Cruise in Company leg of The 2015 Tall Ships Races.

Here is how they were getting on yesterday.

Day Seven…

“Leader and her crew rose in Leirvick this morning and donned silly hats to slip lines. Giving the appearance that Indiana Jones, Pikachu, a fisherman, a Norse Warrior, and a renaissance man were running the deck.

“Against rain, shine, majestic scenery and the endless pattern of waves against sky, we rolled down south. The Norwegian landscape has astounded both those new to life at sea and the old hands. The drastic shapes of the shore around us, tiny sharp islands with single cottages and waterfalls rushing down forested cliffs.

“As we left the meshed network of fjord and archipelago, and moved into the North Sea, our eyes adjusted to the dark steely blur of water over water under sky. As the sun set, crepuscular rays beamed out from the horizon and bled the golden pink light from the burning coin that, at such late hour, was finally brushing the crisp edge. The breeze freshened from astern and we booked out, turned off the engine, and settled into a following sea. Eight bells rang, blue watch stood down into the quiet vessel that carried us on. Leader’s rig and planking creaked and the new watch held us on, down wind, running forward to Lindesnes.”

The deadline for arrival into Kristiansand is 12 noon, on Saturday (25).

You can follow their progress live here: