Cruise in Company Comes to a Close

Cruise in Company 2015

Cruise in Company Comes to a Close

Leader is now safely back in port, having arrived in Kristiansand, at the end of her Cruise in Company leg of The 2015 Tall Ships Races.

The crew are now getting ready for the final leg where they will race to Aalborg, in Denmark.

Here is how they were getting on during their final days of the Cruise in Company sail.

Day Eight…

“Today I woke feeling positively inspired by life. With a spring in my step I was dragged out of bed after a rather unsettled and eventful night, gybing through the North Sea. The weather was disappointing but this did not dampen our spirits and soon turned into a glorious one. Before we knew we were gliding into port surrounded by spectators. My day rocketed when we discovered the spa at a top notch hotel. Shortly after it plummeted when a greasy Norwegian band struck their first chorda and we raved our way through the night.”

Day Nine…

“What a day. Today we left the port bright eyed and bushy tailed, adrenaline rushing through my veins. As the sun rose so did our sails. We slathered on the sun cream — after 20 minutes to maximise our vitamin D intake — and had a jolly good sail.

“Bracelet making, book reading and birthday baking, there was never a dull moment on board Leader. One dark cloud was the blocked heads bur every cloud has a silver lining, and so did ours, in the form of Teymour.

“With a steady force 4 we arrived at Fosse Vikken, a picturesque anchorage, where we could swim and enjoy the weather. Shortly after, we learnt how to do an eye splice, which is a great skill to have and finished the day with a BBQ on deck and a scrumptious choccy cake, with butterflys, on top to celebrate India’s birthday.”