Anne’s Foodie Blog 3: Curry Corner

Anne's Lamb Curry

Anne’s Foodie Blog 3: Curry Corner

It’s that time of the week when Trinity cook Anne shares some of her famous recipes, this week she focuses on some of her favourite Indian inspired dishes….

All the recipes in this blog are recipes I can do standing on my head, because as a boat cook sometimes there is a need to; and if not standing on your head certainly without two feet firmly placed on the ground and with the added challenge of various members of crew asking you if they can open your kitchen up to check the engine belts or standing on your work surfaces to do goodness know what important nautical task.

I hope these recipes, and the others in the blog, will be enjoyed by all those that come sailing with Trinity…let me know how you have got on replicating them in the kitchen at home.

This week we have…

Tandoori (ish) Lamb with Coconut Cauliflower Curry.

I love curried lamb but sadly many butchers use rather fatty bits of meat to make up their stewing lamb which can add flavour but make for rather greasy oily curry. I find best if you cook it off then chill the curry then pick off the layer of fat that settles on top — difficult to do on board — so I use leg of lamb diced or, like in this recipe, marinated and slow cooked on the bone.

Coconut, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Curry.

If you have some vegetarian friends over this is always a winning dish.

Indian Fragrant Rice.

This makes the perfect accompaniment for both of the above dishes.

To get these recipes please download the Tandoori Curry & Rice pdf