Anne’s Foodie Blog 1: Recipes from Leaders galley and beyond

Anne’s Foodie Blog 1: Recipes from Leaders galley and beyond

Leader’s cook Anne shares some of her famous recipes…

All the recipes in this blog are recipes I can do standing on my head, because as a boat cook sometimes there is a need to; and if not standing on your head then certainly without two feet firmly placed on the ground. There is often the added challenge of various members of crew asking you if they can open your kitchen up to check the engine belts or standing on your work surfaces to do goodness know what important nautical task.

This blog covers a series of recipes cooked on a voyage from Brixham to Ramsgate with a group of young people from South London. On the voyage I was ably assisted by an enthusiastic crew of 18 to 22 year olds all with a liking for ” spicy ricy ” food and with excellent prep skills – one lad was particularly handy in the veg prep department having spent time preparing veg for the monkeys at London Zoo!

I hope this recipe and the others in the blog will be enjoyed by all those that come sailing with Trinity…let me know how you have got on replicating them in the kitchen at home…

BLOG 1: “West Indian Jerk chicken with rice and peas and mango and sweet corn Salsa”

This was written on a boiling hot day making the Isle of Wight feel like the Isle of Jamaica, so it feels fitting to create West Indian Jerk chicken with rice and peas and EPIC mango and sweet corn Salsa.

To Download this recipe please CLICK HERE.