'Provident' at Thames Diamond Jubilee

Provident helps celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

On Sunday 3 June, Provident, one of Trinity’s four historic vessels joined over 1,000 vessels to participate in the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the River Thames. It was one of the largest flotillas ever assembled on the river, with rowing boats, working boats and pleasure vessels of all shapes and sizes beautifully dressed and turned out in their finest rigs.

Provident was one of 50 vessels chosen to form the ‘avenue of sail’ through which the flotilla passed. Dressed-in-full and flying the county flag, she was looking her very best to represent Trinity and Devon – Trinity having been requested by the Lord Lieutenant to provide a vessel to represent the county.

A group of young people from Brixham Community College sailed Provident from Brixham to Ramsgate before handing over to a group of children from Keys Meadow Primary School from Enfield, North London who sailed Provident up the Thames to her mooring close by Tower Bridge.

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