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Trinity Sailing Recommended in the Bristol Post Posted on

A Trinity Sailing holiday on board Leader is featured in this weekend’s edition of the Bristol Post.

Features writer Kate Edser joined our crew, and a dozen guests, on a voyage from Falmouth, in Cornwall, to Oban, in Scotland.

From all accounts she had a fantastic time, and you can read what she made of the voyage yourself below:



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Tall Ships — New Beginnings Posted on

Leader is now part-way through Race Two — leg three — of the 2015 Tall Ships Races, heading from Kristiansand, in Norway, to Aalborg, in Denmark.

Here is how they have been getting on during the last few days…

Monday, July 27th

“We spent a busy day today learning the ropes and hosting a coffee morning for crew from the other vessels. The crew of Morning Star gave us some Jaffa cakes in return for borrowing our electric sander. It was nice to relax on Simon the inflatable sofa which the crew brought from England while drinking our coffee and chatting to the other trainees. In the evening we had a lovely dinner of chilli and rice, and then stayed up until 11 to watch the fireworks.”

Tuesday, July 28th

“Today we set sail from Kristiansand. The view during the parade of sail was amazing, with thousands of spectators in boats and watching from the shore.
“At dinner time we turned off the engine and began racing. It was quite rough and some of the crew were seasick. We all helped adjust the sails to go as fast as we could.”

Wednesday, July 29th

“Our watch began early in the morning with drizzly weather which was quid cold. After a few cups of tea everyone felt better as we were making good speed towards the first waypoint. After watch we went to bed. Whilst preparing breakfast we learnt that Leader was 20th in class and 42nd overall which everyone seemed happy with.

“Later on the wind dropped lowering our speed but it gave us the chance to watch the other tall ships. We went fishing and Ben, the Captain, taught us how to gut and clean mackerel.

“The end of the day saw us becalmed amidst a great fleet of other sailing vessels large and small, while eating an amazing Thai green curry, followed by chocolate and pear upside down cake — amazing!”

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Cruise in Company Comes to a Close Posted on

Leader is now safely back in port, having arrived in Kristiansand, at the end of her Cruise in Company leg of The 2015 Tall Ships Races.

The crew are now getting ready for the final leg where they will race to Aalborg, in Denmark.

Here is how they were getting on during their final days of the Cruise in Company sail.

Day Eight…

“Today I woke feeling positively inspired by life. With a spring in my step I was dragged out of bed after a rather unsettled and eventful night, gybing through the North Sea. The weather was disappointing but this did not dampen our spirits and soon turned into a glorious one. Before we knew we were gliding into port surrounded by spectators. My day rocketed when we discovered the spa at a top notch hotel. Shortly after it plummeted when a greasy Norwegian band struck their first chorda and we raved our way through the night.”

Day Nine…

“What a day. Today we left the port bright eyed and bushy tailed, adrenaline rushing through my veins. As the sun rose so did our sails. We slathered on the sun cream — after 20 minutes to maximise our vitamin D intake — and had a jolly good sail.

“Bracelet making, book reading and birthday baking, there was never a dull moment on board Leader. One dark cloud was the blocked heads bur every cloud has a silver lining, and so did ours, in the form of Teymour.

“With a steady force 4 we arrived at Fosse Vikken, a picturesque anchorage, where we could swim and enjoy the weather. Shortly after, we learnt how to do an eye splice, which is a great skill to have and finished the day with a BBQ on deck and a scrumptious choccy cake, with butterflys, on top to celebrate India’s birthday.”

Cruise in Company 2015

New Exciting Voyage Added to Leader’s 2015 Sailing Season Posted on

The Trinity team are excited to announce a new adventurous sailing trip taking place this September.

The Four Nations Voyage will see Leader sailing around Scotland’s stunning western coast before making her way down to Anglesey, on the north-west coast of Wales.

On the way there will be potential stops in Northern Ireland, or the Isle of Man, during the six night passage which takes in some of the most beautiful and interesting spots along the UK coastline. The trip is suitable for both beginners and experienced sailors alike.

As with all her trips, Leader’s full-time cook takes pride in cooking fresh food on board, and you wont go hungry while your sailing along from port-to-port, or stopping off in pretty — and secluded — anchorages.

This voyage is also a good ‘mile-builder’ for those working on getting some nautical miles in for their RYA qualifications.

The voyage starts in Oban on Saturday, September 12 and ends in Holyhead on Friday, September 18. Berths are available now on this exciting sailing extravaganza for only £695.

To book, complete a Trinity Sailing booking form, or call 01803 88 33 55 to check availability. You can also reach Trinity’s Office & Sales Manager, Harry, via if you have any questions about the trip.

Isle of Man

Cruise in Company Coming Towards an End Posted on

Kristiansand is just about in sight for the Leader crew as she comes towards the end of her Cruise in Company leg of The 2015 Tall Ships Races.

Here is how they were getting on yesterday.

Day Seven…

“Leader and her crew rose in Leirvick this morning and donned silly hats to slip lines. Giving the appearance that Indiana Jones, Pikachu, a fisherman, a Norse Warrior, and a renaissance man were running the deck.

“Against rain, shine, majestic scenery and the endless pattern of waves against sky, we rolled down south. The Norwegian landscape has astounded both those new to life at sea and the old hands. The drastic shapes of the shore around us, tiny sharp islands with single cottages and waterfalls rushing down forested cliffs.

“As we left the meshed network of fjord and archipelago, and moved into the North Sea, our eyes adjusted to the dark steely blur of water over water under sky. As the sun set, crepuscular rays beamed out from the horizon and bled the golden pink light from the burning coin that, at such late hour, was finally brushing the crisp edge. The breeze freshened from astern and we booked out, turned off the engine, and settled into a following sea. Eight bells rang, blue watch stood down into the quiet vessel that carried us on. Leader’s rig and planking creaked and the new watch held us on, down wind, running forward to Lindesnes.”

The deadline for arrival into Kristiansand is 12 noon, on Saturday (25).

You can follow their progress live here:

Stan - Tall Ships 2015

Tall Ships — The Adventure Continues… Posted on

Leader’s getting closer and closer to Kristiansand, at the southern end of Norway, as she is coming towards the end of her Cruise in Company leg of The 2015 Tall Ships Races.

It’s been a great year for the Leader crew so far, having picked up two prestigious trophies: Oldest Vessel in the Fleet, and Best Crew Parade. There is still the exciting third leg — and second race — to come.

Here is how they have been getting on during the last few days:

Day Five…

“After exploring some shops this morning, in Maløy, we all headed back to Leader to get ready to re-fuel. Once we set to sea, the first watch began their duties on deck whilst the rest of us readied ourselves for lunch. We had a night watch in the evening (it doesn’t really get dark here) which was beautiful and completely worth it as we sailed along some of the most stunning sights of Norway whilst enjoying a sunset That never ends. A once in a lifetime experience.”

Day Six…

“We woke early for our watch to the ever-changing scenery of the fjords and experienced some difficult nav; with many rocky areas and ferries. We arrived in the port of Leirvik at around 3pm and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon ashore and a chat on weather from Ben. One highlight of the day was tacking up a fjord with mountains and forests emerging from the clouds on either side.”

The deadline for arrival into Kristiansand is 12 noon, on Saturday (25).

You can follow their progress live here:


2015 Tall Ships

Award Winning Start for Leader at the Tall Ships Races Posted on

The 2015 Tall Ships Races have got off to a flying start and we are already part of the way in to the second leg of the world-famous maritime event.

Leader has picked up two prestigious trophies: Oldest Vessel in the Fleet, and Best Crew Parade. As this goes to print she is sailing near Askrova, an island off the north west coast of Norway, stopping off at various ports and anchorages in the next few days before arriving in Kristiansand, at the weekend, ahead of the second race — and final leg — to Aalborg, in Denmark.

The deadline for arrival into Kristiansand is 12 noon, on Saturday (25). You can follow their progress live here:

Here is  a blog, direct from the crew, about how they have been getting on since Thursday, when the Cruise in Company adventure began:

Day One…

“Today all the crew arrived aboard Leader full of excitement and enthusiasm, fuelled by the amazing atmosphere in Alesund. We made some amazing costumes, winning the crew parade with sea shanties, and a fishing theme.

“The fun and excitement continued all day, with great music. Everyone was dancing and singing until early hours of the night during the crew party — it was a truly amazing day.”

Day Two…

“Today we started early. In addition to the normal breakfast routine we prepared for an Irish coffee morning, hosted on Leader. This was a good opportunity to showcase the boat to other interested parties, and was a great success.

“After lunch a few of the crew went up to a spot overlooking Alesund, which was very beautiful. When everyone had returned WE went through safety briefings, how to use ropes essentially, and how to use the life jackets, ready to depart tomorrow for the open sea.”

Day Three…

“We left Alesund this morning and joined all the other boats in the parade of sail. Afterwards, we travelled down the fjords surrounded by spectacular snow capped mountains. On our way we had a massive water fight with the crew of Black Diamond and we arrived in Ostra Fjord just before dinner.”

Day Four…

“We left port at 9am this morning and it rained all day, pretty much. In the morning there was a navigation briefing led by Ben. The weather was quite rough for most of the day, which made things challenging, but exciting. We made it to Maløy without incident and moored up very smoothly in a very tight space. We then sang shanties until bedtime.”



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