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Tall Ships Blog — New Beginnings Posted on

Leader has safely reached Bergen, following her Norwegian Cruise in Company voyage from Fredrikstad, as part of the 2014 Tall Ships Races.

Today’s blog entry picks up with the arrival in port as we say goodbye to some guests, and welcome some new faces ahead of the second race to Esbjerg, in Denmark.

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Today is our first day in Bergen. It’s the day of the crew parade, so we spent the morning preparing for that. We found some cardboard, which we recycled, and made some costumes for the parade. We had a pirate; a cow; a fairy; a Mexican; a Scotsman; and some Vikings.

We headed to the parade singing sea-shanties, which attracted some attention. We later found out we won the Best Crew Parade, in categories B,C, and D. We were all very happy about this as we had put a lot of effort in to our costumes.

In the evening we had a crew party to celebrate our win earlier in  the day, with some crews from the other vessels taking part. Overall it was a great finish to the second leg.

Lucy W.

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Today we found out we’d won another award. We had entered a Sea Shanty competition and sung our hearts out, only to find out we won the whole thing. For our efforts we were delighted to find out we had won a ukulele and a guitar, which was pretty awesome!

Later in the day we joined forces with the crew of Pelican, and others, and went to see the closing ceremony than played Ninja by the fountains. After this we wandered back to Leader to watch the fireworks display which was very beautiful.

We invited people from Pelicam, Black Diamond, and others, to join us on board for a small party. At 2am we said bye to Leader’s relief mate Ben who had been with us for the past week.

All in all it had been a great day, a fantastic weekend, and Bergen is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.

Jemima B.

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Today we woke up at 7.30am and it was our first breakfast with the full crew for Race Two. We then started a full clean-up of the ship, after which we were allowed to spend some time ashore, for shopping, but we had to be back by 11.50am.

We got back and said our goodbyes to some people who were leaving us that day before we set sail for the next part of our voyage. We watched several other ships leave before us, while we sang sea shanties as they passed us. It was then our turn to leave, as it started to rain. We put our oillies on and headed off to our overnight anchorage.

Anna C.

View from Leader's deck

Anne’s Foodie Blog 3: Curry Corner Posted on

It’s that time of the week when Trinity cook Anne shares some of her famous recipes, this week she focuses on some of her favourite Indian inspired dishes….

All the recipes in this blog are recipes I can do standing on my head, because as a boat cook sometimes there is a need to; and if not standing on your head certainly without two feet firmly placed on the ground and with the added challenge of various members of crew asking you if they can open your kitchen up to check the engine belts or standing on your work surfaces to do goodness know what important nautical task.

I hope these recipes, and the others in the blog, will be enjoyed by all those that come sailing with Trinity…let me know how you have got on replicating them in the kitchen at home.

This week we have…

Tandoori (ish) Lamb with Coconut Cauliflower Curry.

I love curried lamb but sadly many butchers use rather fatty bits of meat to make up their stewing lamb which can add flavour but make for rather greasy oily curry. I find best if you cook it off then chill the curry then pick off the layer of fat that settles on top — difficult to do on board — so I use leg of lamb diced or, like in this recipe, marinated and slow cooked on the bone.

Coconut, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Curry.

If you have some vegetarian friends over this is always a winning dish.

Indian Fragrant Rice.

This makes the perfect accompaniment for both of the above dishes.

To get these recipes please download the Tandoori Curry & Rice pdf


Anne's Lamb Curry

Summer Holiday Ideas in Brittany Posted on

It’s a scorcher in Brixham today and the town’s thriving with holiday-makers. If you haven’t decided what to do with your summer yet, have you ever been to Brittany by boat?

Provident’s spending most of her time there this summer, so join us on a cross –Channel  voyage out of Brixham, where we promise great food, fantastic company, and sights and sounds that will stay with you forever.

Here are some dates for you to consider…

Thursday, August 7 — Sunday, August 17 (£1,095)

This is a 10-night extended Brittany cruise, but book quickly as we have only ONE space remaining.

Saturday, September 6 — Friday, September 12 (£725)

Spend six-nights at sea, seeing the best that the south west and northern France has to offer. (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

Saturday, September 13 — Friday, September 19 (£695)

Provident’s final cruising voyage of the season promises to be a special one for all on board. (SIX PLACES REMAINING).


Tall Ships Blog — Port Watch and Poetry Posted on

Here’s the latest updates from Leader’s crew, and guests, who are taking part in the Cruise in Company voyage around the Norwegian coast as part of the Tall Ships Races.

Day 4: Friday, July 18, 2014

Those of us in Port Watch started the day. I had done a good shift on the helm on my last watch but with the dim light on the compass I was embarrassed to find I couldn’t see it well enough to keep our course. I kept watch instead and we discussed books and films we enjoyed.

Between the moonlight, and residual daylight, there were very few stars to see but Venus (we think) was bright above. I must have been tired as it didn’t occur to me to get the binoculars from the dog house to confirm our guess and to identify the other planet off on the port side.

At 12.30am I put the kettle on to make hot drinks for Starboard Watch when they relieved us.

I went to sleep very quickly and it seemed only moments later that Starboard Watch were rousing us for our 4am to 7am watch,  and returning the favour with hot drinks to help us wake up.

The wind overnight was four to five but there was a lot of swell and Port Watch ended up three crew members short due to seasickness. I wished I’d brought my camera on deck,as most of the rest of the “watch” were fast asleep at the stern.

Behind us, on our starboard quarter, the few streaks of cloud along the horizon were tinged with pink and gold as the sky lightened and the sun rose into a clear blue sky. The only wildlife was on occasional gull. I took the helm for the last half hour as we approached the Norwegian coast.  Ben and Alice went below to plot our new course once we tacked.

We got to sleep again between 7am and 10am. I missed bacon on deck just before our watch started, a lesson to be quick or miss out! When I came on deck, we were motor sailing up the channel towards Arendal, and arrived at 11.30pm. We moored close to Oosterschelde.

Ben said it was worth going to see her but by the time we had finished our RYA talk with mate Ben, on knots, and shown we could tie a bowline — round turn and two half hitches and a clove hitch 3 she had already sailed for her next port of call. Lunch was on deck followed by a meteorological briefing for comp crew.

We had showers on the boat because Arendal showers were around 335nok to use. Some of the younger crew had 2 showers on board because they had been swimming off the quayside.

Morning Star and Black Diamond moored alongside us and in the evening Martin lit BBQs on the quayside. We had a very enjoyable evening, shared with everyone, perched around Leader to eat.

The warm sunny day ended in a warm evening sitting aboard Black Diamond as the sun set, drinking beer. Wonderful!

Sarah, Port Watch.

Day 5: Saturday, July 19, 2014

The hour was late, the night was fair and shanties flew o’er the warm night air.

The light sou’wester laughed and jeered and headed us off the course we steered.

I had the watch from ten to one and in that time 12 miles did run.

Then down below and into bed with thoughts of Norway in my head.

At hour the seventh we neared the fjord; jib and maintopsail, bravely soared.

The breeze from the East blew gently but still, we started the engine in shadow of hill.

The topsail we handed, the jib did we stow as boldly did blue watch head off below.

With white watch on deck we entered the valley, that roamed and meandered; a drunk in an alley.

The sides of the fjord were slathered in green and nacreous mist on the water was seen.

We passed many houses with jetties and yachts while handing the main at roughly five knots.

Then Flekkefjord reached, we did happy hour and searched through the town in hopes of a shower.

At last we had lunch and worked in the sun then the kids headed off to swim and have fun.

Martin, Leader’s Fifth-Hand

BBQ on Leader

Sealion Shipping Ltd donate £450 towards new navigation charts Posted on

Our thanks to Sealion Shipping Ltd. for their recent donation of £450

Based in Farnham, Surrey, this global onshore, offshore and sub-sea support company know all too well the costs involved with running a fleet of vessels and they have very kindly lent their support to Trinity so that we can purchase new navigation charts.sealion-logo

Toby from Trinity said “We are grateful to the team at Sealion for supporting Trinity and donating much needed funds towards securing new charts. Every pound we receive really does make a huge difference to the work we can carry out, and this donation will offset some of our essential running costs and ensure we can direct more resources at sail training and maritime heritage work.

Many thanks to the whole team at Sealion for their support!”


Hugh L @ chart table

Tall Ships Blog — An Adventure in Arendal Posted on

The crew and guests on Leader are having a great sail around Norway as part of the Tall Ships Races.

Speaking to skipper Ben today he said it’s one of the best sails of his life so far, which is saying something for someone who has spent so much time at sea.

Here are the latest diary entries from some of those on board…

Day 3: Thursday, July 17, 2014 (Part 1)

This is my first time on Leader although I am now a veteran of the Tall Ships Races, having taking part as either a trainee or permanent crew member since 1998.

This year I have found myself on the Brixham trawler Leader, the oldest out more than 100 veseels here this year.

Being on Leader I have experienced a lot of firsts this year. She is the smallest vessel I have done the races on and this is my first time without square sails.

We are on passage to our second port in the part of the races known as Cruise in Company. This is where the fleet visits ports en route to the next race point. The pace is a lot less frantic then the week of racing which precedes and follows it. It’s a great chance to explore the coastline and get to know your crew, and the crews on other vessels you are sailing along with.

It’s the mixing of cultures and crews which I particularly enjoy about Cruise in Company. Where else is there a better place to experience this than along the stunning and beautiful Norwegian coast?

So far I have enjoyed sailing closer to the sea, and Leader has been kind to me by no pitching and rolling too much on a large swelling sea. I will admit I was a little sick but I put that down to eating too much curry and cake (Anne’s food is just delightful).

We have so far enjoyed a stay in Arendal and am now on passage to Flekkefjord, which is described as a small fishing port at the tip end of a majestic fjord. I was wondering if Leader has been here before in her commercial days as she seems to know the way.

Ben Swain, Relief Mate.

Part 2

I am the lucky competition winner, having won the voyage through Trinity’s Facebook competition. I have never been sailing before in my life.

The current 24 hours from Arendal has turned in to a very pleasant journey, however the previous 24 hours was a very different experience. I got a little seasick and found it hard at times but I battled on and was pleased I made it through what seemed like a long night, rewarded by a pleasant stay in port.

After a great lunch, prepared by Anne, we refuelled and set sail and I am glad to say that the seasickness subsided. Either my body had adjusted to life at sea, or the seasick pills I got in Arendal are really working. The cost me about the same as a new house. Boy is Norway expensive!

Danielle Preira


Ben keeps watch on Leader

Tall Ships Blog — Arendal Here We Come! Posted on

Leader is on her way to Bergen, in Norway, with 12 guests on board, along with her five crew, as part of the 2014 Tall Ships Races.

Having left Fredrikstad at the start of the week, the group all currently taking the spectacular Norwegian coast ahead of arriving at their final destination on Friday, July 25th.

Here’s how they have been getting on…

Day 2: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today we are sailing to Arendal and is the first of our overnight passages. We have been divided in to subgroups: Port Watch and Starboard Watch. We do three hours on and three hours off.

The night time shifts are really fun as, here in Norway, the sun does not set till midnight. It was really beautiful and we got to see all of the stars.

We are looking forward to seeing Arendal, home of the film Frozen.

Lucy, Port Watch.

Leader Cruise in Norway 2014

Tall Ships Blog – Cruise in Company Posted on

The Tall Ships Challenge may be over, but Leader is still in the midst of the Tall Ships Races.

Thank you to all our sponsors for making the first leg such a success. We will be posting updates on how the young crew —who sailed from Amsterdam to Fredrikstad — got on shortly.

Twelve guests joined Leader  and her five crew on Monday for the second part of the Tall Ships Races, heading from Fredrikstad to Bergen. Here’s how they have been getting on…

Day 1: Tuesday, July 15, 2014.

We woke up at 8am so we were ready for breakfast at 8.30am as we were due to take part in the parade of sail later in the day.

After breakfast we had happy hour where split in to two watches: Port and Starboard.  Port Watch were cleaning up down below and Starboard were cleaning the deck area. Once we had finished we gathered around the foredeck for safety briefings. We were taught how to use our life jackets and were issued with our oilskins, Tall Ships t-shirts and wristbands. It was then time for some lunch, which we enjoyed on deck in the sunshine.

After lunch we tidied away and got ourselves ready for the parade of sail. There was a slight delay as some of the larger square riggers were unable to leave port. This gave us some extra time to kill which we spent getting to know each other.

When it was time for us to leave for the parade, we motored out of Fredrikstad with everyone waving us off. We were given a gun salute as we left. Heading 10 miles down the fjord we were surrounded by amazing views of beautiful scenery and wonderful ships.

Later on we arrived at a small bay called Skipstadsand where we moored alongside Tecla, Morning Star, and Black Diamond.

The crews from Black Diamond and Morning Star came on board for banoffee pie and strawberry cheesecake. After making friends with some other trainees, we went ashore to explore the island before heading back to Leader for some sleep to prepare for a new day of sailing.

Fergus, Port Watch.

Leader at the Tall Ships 2014

Anne’s Foodie Blog 2: Sweet-Toothed Sailing Snacks Posted on

Leader’s cook Anne shares some of her famous recipes… (with a special guest appearance this week from the boat’s mate, Katie).

All the recipes in this blog are recipes I can do standing on my head, because as a boat cook sometimes there is a need to; and if not standing on your head certainly without two feet firmly placed on the ground and with the added challenge of various members of crew asking you if they can open your kitchen up to check the engine belts or standing on your work surfaces to do goodness know what important nautical task.

I hope these recipes, and the others in the blog, will be enjoyed by all those that come sailing with Trinity…let me know how you have got on replicating them in the kitchen at home.

This week we have…

Katie’s Night Watch Shortbread

There is one thing I like more than to waking up to a clean tidy galley after 8 hours sleep and that is waking up to a clean tidy galley with a dish of freshly baked bread, or even better shortbread.  Anchor watch, although essential, can be tediously long on a calm low risk night. What better way to break up the tedium and cheer up the crew than home baking.  Katie baked these delicious biscuits on watch in Sandown Bay, on the Isle of Wight, and we devoured them somewhere off Selsey Bill.

Anne’s Gooey Chocolate Brownies 

There are various brownie recipes that I use, most of them have a great deal to thank St. Mary of Berry for.  Her recipe for dark indulgent chocolate and walnut brownie, with its addition of coffee, is sublime for afternoon tea. However, for pudding brownies, I use a formula that has worked for me for years.

To download these recipes please click HERE

Katie's Night Watch Shortbread

Tall Ships Challenge — Exploring Denmark and Norway Posted on

Leader’s crew have been having a huge amount of fun at this year’s Tall Ships Races. Here is the Challenge team’s final report from their epic 14-day voyage.

Although the Tall Ships Challenge team have finished Race One, Trinity will continue to post blog updates keeping you informed of Leader’s next voyage progress from Fredrikstad to Bergen, and then the second race from Bergen to Esbjerg.

Day 12: Calm seas and Rugged Ports.

Today we continued sailing off the Danish coast, heading to Oslofjord. The sea has been very calm.

During my watch we dropped off at a rugged-looking Danish port to restock fuel and water, after which we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine.

I came back on deck in the evening at 11pm to see a full moon reflecting across the water which was very pretty to see.

Tom, Cool Watch

Day 13: Swimming and Beach Barbecues.

Today we stayed in a fantastic fjord just outside Fredrikstad. This gave everyone a chance to cool off and go for a swim.

Another boat, Morning Star, pulled up alongside and joined us, it was fantastic. Later on that evening we took the dinghy ashore and had a BBQ on the rocks. An amazing welcome to Norway!

Reece, Ice Watch.

Day 14: Goodbye and Thank You.

Today is the last day, which is very sad. Everyone is disappearing one by one which makes everything very strange. The general feeling among us all is that we all had an amazingly fun time and we are going to miss it greatly.

Most of today was spent getting the vessel ready for the next group joining Leader. Thank you to our sponsors, thank you to Trinity, thank you to our crew members, thank you fellow Challenge team. Thank you all for an amazing opportunity — the greatest opportunity I have ever had.

Alice, Bay Watch.

Leader's Race One crew gather for a final photograph