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Sea staff roles


The Skipper has overall responsibility for the vessel and crew at sea. They have a minimum of Yachtmaster Offshore commercial endorsement, however Trinity requires a much higher standard. Our Skippers not only have to be familiar with traditional sailing vessels but also have a strong track record in sail training and sailing instruction as well as the many other skills and qualities involved with working with a diverse group of clients and taking these vessels to sea.

The majority of our Skippers have sailed with Trinity for many years, working their way up through the organisation and honing their skills before they undertake a Trinity ‘Skipper assessment’. To Skipper one of our vessels you need to be a highly skilled and dedicated sailor, and this is rewarded by the opportunity to become one of the few people who have the chance to manage one of these unique vessels.

MateSkipper Ben and mate Becca on Golden Vanity

The Mate is the second in command. They mainly run the deck when at sea making sure everyone is safe and delegating jobs to make sure the boat is sailed efficiently. Ideally again the Mate will have normally sailed as Bosun and have experience of skippering smaller yachts. They will hold a minimum of Coastal Yachtmaster with commercial endorsement. They will have gained a good background of working with young people, many who have specific needs and abilities.


The Cook is responsible for the domestic management of the vessel. They will produce healthy nutritious meals three times a day with numerous delicious cakes and pastries in between. All our food is cooked fresh and is locally sourced. The food on our vessels never ceases to amaze our guests and inspire the young people who do all the cooking and domestic duties during sail training experiences.


This is primarily a training role. They are trained on aspects such as the rigging, systems and engine, and will also be taught navigation and sail handling and be given the opportunity to practice and refine these skills. They will often start with us by learning the core sailing techniques and skills but by the end of the season they should have gained their RYA Watch Leader & Day Skipper certificates.

5th Hand

This position is made up of Deckhands, Bosun’s or Assistant Cooks. This is an ideal role for someone new to Trinity and allows then to settle in to the general sailing of the vessel and learn enough to be a useful hand around the boat without the pressure of a more senior role. This is the first step on the ladder to becoming part of the professional crew.

Developing your career

At Trinity, we aim to have the most experienced and competent crew, and to this end we invest in our staff in order to train the Skippers of the future. Many of the techniques we use are at risk of being lost to future generations, and will be completely new to those who have learnt to sail on a more modern yacht. Our ambition is to both maintain the heritage vessels in our care and also actively keep traditional sailing skills alive and relevant.

As well as the on board training we provide there are a number of shore-based courses our staff are able to complete during their training. This includes gaining qualifications required for your commercial endorsement and as well as a VHF certificate, Sea survival training and Fire Fighting courses to a 5 day Proficiency in Medical Care on Board Ship. These courses can range from £100 to £700 and in total we invest over £2,500 to train each member of staff in courses alone.