Building a Brixham Trawler

Building a Brixham trawler

How a wooden sailing trawler was built

The Brixham sailing trawler was a unique design, combining strength, seaworthiness, power and speed. But how did shipwrights actually go about building a sailing trawler that combined all these features? We have developed an animated Computer Aided Design (CAD) which shows a stage-by-stage build of a Brixham trawler.

The vessel featured in the animated CAD is based on the plans of “Master Hand”, a Brixham sailing trawler built in 1920 and featured in Edgar J. March’s ‘Sailing Trawlers’. In his book, published in 1953, Edgar March wanted to make the general public aware of these great vessels and the enormous craft and skill required to build and sail them.

This CAD animation, the first of its kind featuring a Brixham trawler, accurately depicts the line drawings of “Master Hand” and the stages involved in constructing that vessel.

See how a Brixham sailing trawler was constructed:


To find out more, please download a copy of our ‘Brixham Sailing Trawler – Design  & Construction’ booklet by clicking on the image below:

Brixham Sailing Trawlers - Design & Construction Booklet