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Heritage Projects

Conserving our vessels for future generations

One of Trinity’s core aims is the preservation of the nationally important historic vessels in its care.

Throughout the sailing season we carry out regular maintenance of the vessels, which is followed by an extensive winter refit and conservation programme when we undertake the larger projects  required to preserve the vessels structure and core features.

The revenue we earn through our sailing holidays, charter and other activities open to the general public funds much of this effort. We like to think its a win-win…by coming sailing with Trinity people get to truly experience ‘life under traditional sail’ and at the same time they play an important role in conserving these vessels for the future.

At times there is a requirement to take on large-scale conservation projects which are beyond Trinity’s ability to fund outright. We then seek to engage public and private sector partners who can lend their support.  Two recent examples include the ‘Leader Project’ and ‘Provident Project’. These projects have been developed to bring about positive impact on our maritime heritage in the following four key areas:

*Restoration & conservation: Both projects have been based around large investment in restoring the core structure of these vessels.

* Developing skills & learning: We have continued to build-on two main areas:  1) Our ‘at sea’ training programme where young people gain skills and experience in both handling specialist sailing rigs and conserving historic vessels as part of their career development. Many join us as volunteer crew before moving into full time paid roles with Trinity.  2) Through our heritage skills programme we provide training to volunteers of all ages and abilities who wish to gain hands-on experience of the skills and techniques involved in vessel conservation. These may be one-off training events or part of more structured school learning programmes.

* Involving our communities: We believe involving our communities in their heritage is essential if we want to ensure the future survival of our vessels. To do this we undertake education outreach with primary/secondary schools and colleges and through our heritage skills programme we provide opportunities for people to learn a variety of conservation skills and techniques.

* Promoting our heritage: We run exhibitions, art events and provide talks and presentations to promote our unique maritime heritage. We aim to provide a variety of different platforms through which people can engage with, and find out more about, their heritage. Have a look at our videos to find out more about the development of the Brixham fishing trawler for example, or visit Brixham Museum to see how we work with others to raise the profile of our maritime heritage.

To keep up to date with our current and future projects please see our news pages and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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