Relay SW 2013

Relay South-West

Raising funds through challenge, team work and achievement

In 2013 a team of young people from the public services course at South Devon College and members of the Devon & Cornwall Police circumnavigated Devon and Cornwall by foot, by bike and by sail. The aim of Relay SW was to raise funds for Trinity and promote the benefits of our sail training for young people.

Why support Trinity?

When asked why he wanted to raise funds for Trinity, Si Costin, Team Leader of the Relay said: “If there is one thing I have learnt working within Child Protection it is that ‘one size’ does not fit all.

Children and young people can display a range of very complex needs that demand all the professionals involved in their welfare to work together. While I am happy to say that my experience, within Torbay, is that the different services do work together well there is still a long way to go.

I have always believed that you are only restricted by your imagination and there is no reason why Child Protection should be viewed in a different way. It is for this reason that I, along with the Relay Southwest Team, support the Trinity Sailing Foundation.

We believe that this organisation epitomizes what outstanding child development should look like.

While moored nearby the Trinity Sailing fleet on numerous occasions, I have always been impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the engagement of the young people. This is the type of activity that can develop ‘some’ young people in ways they would not have thought possible. I say ‘some’ because one size does not fit all.

This can be seen as part of a box of ‘tools’ we might use to support our young people. A mechanic’s tool box would not be without a spanner and our child protection tool box should not be without the Trinity Sailing Foundation.

We must be proactive and explore the activities and opportunities that could be available for our young people. Above all we need to be creative”.

The Challenge

The challenge started in Torquay on 2nd July 2013 and the team completed 13 mile relays, heading east to Axminstter and then north to Barnstaple, before the cycle team took over, cycling in four legs, to Lands End and then back up to Falmouth. At the historic maritime port of Falmouth, the cycle team hand over to the sailing team.

The sailing team then sailed ‘Provident’ non-stop to Torbay with the aim of completing the challenge within 80 hrs.

The success story

The whole team did a fantastic job and managed to complete their circumnavigation of Devon and Cornwall in just 58 hours (smashing theoir target of 80 hrs) and at the same time raised hundreds of pounds towards Trinity’s work.

By the end of their epic challenge the team had run 130 miles, cycled 165 miles and sailed 150 miles. The photo shows the team after their arrival back in Torquay – knackered but very happy to be back on terra firma!

For more details of the challenge and and the whole story please visit Relay South-West. Our thanks go to Si Costin for setting up and co-ordinating the challenge and to the entire team for their fantastic efforts in aid of Trinity.

Here’s a video charting the whole challenge from start to finish…