Tall Ships Challenge Sets Sail

Tall Ships Challenge Sets Sail

The Tall Ships Challenge team have all arrived safely in Amsterdam and joined the crew on Leader.

The group have been getting to know each other, and split themselves in to three watches: Cool, Bay, and Ice. Here is a report from their first few days together.

Day 1: Arrival at Leader in Amsterdam

“Great to have arrived – even stationary the experience of being on board Leader is the best. All the crew are friendly and helpful. I can’t wait to set sail and see more amazing places.

“Today we started with a brief talk on who we are and afterwards we had a health and safety briefing. Later on, we settled down to our evening meal and played board games. The adventure has started.”

Sam, Ice Watch.

Day 2: Getting to know Leader

“Today was an early start. I had to be awake at 7.3opm as it was my turn to set-up breakfast. After everyone had eaten, and we had put everything away, we got in to our waterproofs and headed up on deck to go through lifejackets and ropes with Trinity crew members Stan and Alice.

“We then prepared and set sail to Zaandam where we refuelled the boat. Heading down the canal I had the opportunity to steer the boat which was great fun.

“For lunch we gathered in the saloon for a delicious lunch made by Trinity’s cook, Anne. We had risotto, cheese and fresh bread and it was a little taste of heaven. Afterwards we got taken to the bow to learn some knots, such as the figure of eight. It was hard to get my head around at first but it was very satisfying when the knot was complete.

“Later we arrived in Ijmuiden where we completed some basic sea training, getting used to ropes and sails, performing two tacks and a gybe. After that we headed to the seaport which is where we stopped for dinner, prepared by Anne and Cool Watch, which was meatballs, red peppers and cheesy pasta.

“After dinner we had access to the marine showers, which everyone enjoyed, before heading below deck for some time to chill, play board games and go to sleep.”

Reece, Ice Watch.