Tall Ships Challenge – Fun and Games in Harlingen

Tall Ships Challenge – Fun and Games in Harlingen

Leader’s Tall Ships Challenge Team have arrived in Harlingen to begin the main part of their adventure and mingle with people from across the globe.

Here’s how they have been getting on.

Day 5: Arrival at the first host port.

Today we arrived in Harlingen! Sailing in to the dock with Martin singing created quite a sight, with everyone stopping and watching us arrive in to port.

As we were coming in to the dock we cleaned and polished the boat so it looked nice. Looking at all the other boats was definitely a sight. The huge square riggers were extremely impressive.

Our Dutch word of the day is Scheepswinkel (chandlery).

Alice, Bay Watch.

Day 6: Soaking up the atmosphere of the Tall Ships Races

The morning of July 4th started particularly slowly in the aftermath of last night’s party. We sat on deck and basked in the early morning sunshine. Many of the crew nursed sore heads and stomachs with some toast and fruit juice. We then made our way down to the internship sports events. I managed to have a go at volleyball which was really good fun.

After lunch mainly consisted of preparing for the 3pm crew parade. We all painted our faces and headed down to the harbourside. We joined a procession that was alive  with colour and full of pageantry from all over the world.

After the crew dinner I went to the habourside to listen to the Pink Floyd tribute band and bask in the atmosphere.

Tom, Cool Watch

BREAKING NEWS: Leader has picked up one of the first prizes at the 2014 Tall Ships Races after being named the Oldest Vessel in the Fleet!

You can now track Leader’s progress at the Tall Ships Races, via Sail Training International’s official site.