Tall Ships Challenge – Anchors Away

Tall Ships Races 2014

Tall Ships Challenge – Anchors Away

Leader’s Tall Ships Challenge Team have now begun their sailing adventure, heading out of Harlingen to make the long voyage to Fredrikstad.

Here’s how they have been getting on.

Day 7: Hagelsaag and Slagroom

Today was the day of our crew party but more on that later. First of all we had to restock Leader. Being the only person on board who had lived in the Netherlands I volunteered to assist Anne. After an hour, and three trolley loads, we had all the fresh food we needed for the race to Norway, as well as some biscuit paste and hagelslaag (ice-cream sprinkles) and plenty of slagroom (cream)!

Just before the party started the skies decided to dampen our spirits but after repurposing a sail into a makeshift gazebo we ready to go!  Twister, punch and homemade nachos were enjoyed by the crew and a few hundred of our new international friends. Some tasty Devon cider was provided by our skipper for the adults. A very successful party!

David, Ice Watch

Day 8: Leading the Parade

The last few days in port before any significant voyage are always full of check lists, shopping and excitement about the passage ahead. Today was no exception. Anne supported Colin and Katie making some general and final checks, which the crew of trainees carried out some accommodation checks.

We had lunch on deck, in the sunshine, tidied-up a few bits and pieces and spent the last few hours on shore to spread our legs.

I was proud that we were leading our class out to sea as the first vessel in the parade, surrounded by cheering and applauding as we headed on our way to Fredrikstad.

Ben, Skipper