Trinity vessels at anchor

Team building, TV, filming & corporate charter

Management training and team building

Our boats offer an ideal platform for management and team development programmes by using the vessel as your accommodation, seminar room and team experience. It is possible to accelerate relationship building, promote open conversation around difficult topics and provide a truly memorable experience, whilst keeping the budget below that of a typical hotel-based event.

During the programme, the vessel sails with a fully qualified skipper, mate and cook which leaves the course facilitators free to concentrate on the key development objectives.

We can tailor the experience to your needs so that you achieve what you want to from your time onboard. We also work with a number of training providers who can put together a bespoke package for you. Here’s what one provider said about working with Trinity:

“When you choose to do management development using traditional sailing vessels, rather than a land-based outdoor experience, it’s equivalent to ‘turning up the volume’. The experience is more real, the consequences are greater and the learning is more powerful.

However, it relies strongly on a close working relationship between those who are managing the learning and those who are managing the vessel.

The reason we work with Trinity is that they understand this equation, providing the necessary skills training at the front of the programme, then standing back to allow the delegates to take ‘control’ of decisions, whist being close enough to quietly step in should anything go awry. Moreover, they understand the programme objectives and work flexibly to our agenda to ensure that it’s the learning that drives what we do, not the sailing.

In support of the vessels, we have used a variety of other ships in this process over the years – from 30-foot to 150-foot and have concluded that the size of Provident and Leader are optimum for the purpose. At 70-foot they are small enough to be handled by an amateur crew of six, whilst big enough to engage a group of up to ten. From a learning and development point of view, this represents the ideal range of group size where individual leadership opportunities and 1:1 feedback is needed. Moreover, the traditional (but restored) nature of the vessels means that a memorable ‘once in a life time’ experience can be enjoyed (even by those who are familiar with sailing) whilst still maintaining a necessary level of comfort for those who ‘need’ two showers a day to feel at ease!”

Chris Cotton, Training in Action.

The perfect setting for sea and shore based events and activities

Our fleet of historic vessels provide a unique setting that has been widely used for corporate entertaining, business meetings and TV / filming opportunities. Trinity’s professional sea staff and catering crew have extensive experience of delivering a range of different events over the course of a day, weekend, week or even longer…

Corporate entertaining

We regularly run events for corporate clients and we can take you out sailing for the day or you can use the boat as a function venue when it is moored to the shore. There is no ‘typical day’ as each event is designed with our clients so why not contact us to discuss your requirements.

TV and filming work

Trinity has worked with a number of TV and Film production companies, where our vessels have been used as both the focus for a TV programme or as the platform to develop stories and a wider context about traditional sailing, Brixham trawlers or UK maritime heritage.

Our experienced and dedicated team are able to quickly understand your needs, identify filming scenarios and story line opportunities, and will work closely with you to deliver what you need. We understand the pressures of getting the best possible footage within a tight timescale and budget and have all the necessary insurance and health & safety policies and procedures in place. Our qualified experienced skippers and crew will work with you to maximise weather conditions and lighting and our full time cooks can prepare light snacks or more extensive meals to suit your needs and budget.

From our base in Brixham we are within easy reach of the Channel and a host of picturesque seaside towns such as Dartmouth or Salcombe and we can provide location planning advice for the UK coastline, northern France and Brittany.

“We filmed with Trinity Sailing on The Leader in June 2013 and we had a very good experience. The whole team, from the office staff to the crew, were very helpful and friendly and accommodated all of our needs. Plus the boat was spectacular”.

Kate Westaway, Assistant Producer, Tigress Productions.

“It was a pleasure to work with Trinity Sailing Foundation in May 2013. We filmed our presenter Adrian Edmondson on board ‘Leader’, learning the ropes at sea and experiencing the wonderful work Trinity are doing supporting the development of young people and keeping the heritage of the old Brixham trawlers alive.

The whole Trinity team were so accommodating, organised and helpful. I don’t think you could find a more passionate, enthusiastic and friendly group of people. Thank you for all your help”.

Simon Paintin, Producer, Ade at Sea ITV



Film crew on Leader