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About our holidays

Our sailing holidays

A voyage with Trinity is much more that just a sailing holiday! Whether you choose a weekend, short break, or an extended voyage, the experience will be very similar. We promise great places, good company, delicious food, a true adventure, plus time to relax and get away from it all.

We aim to arrive at a new harbour, or anchorage, each evening after the day’s sailing. Whichever direction we head in there are many interesting places to visit. On all cruises our highly-trained, friendly and professional crew are on hand to ensure maximum enjoyment and comfort.

On many cruises fixed itineraries are avoided, allowing us the maximum freedom to go with the weather, not fight it, and yield to the mood of the moment ‚ whether to press on to a new destination that lies over the horizon, visit the bustling market at the latest port of call or just ramble ashore, swim and have a lunchtime barbecue on a quiet beach before getting under way for the day.

We set sail with mixed parties on board: single people, couples, friends or families, who book by the berth. However, it is also possible for families or groups to charter an entire vessel (for more info see our Group charter page) so talk to us if you would like to plan your own group holiday.

Our fleet consists of gaff-rigged boats built between 1892 and 1924. Provident and Leader, gaff-rigged former sailing trawlers, each carry up to twelve guests, plus professional crew. Golden Vanity, a gaff cutter, can accommodate six guests. All meals are provided, and there is a well stocked bar on board if you would like to purchase wine, beer and soft drinks, although you are also welcome to bring your own.

Leader and Provident each have full-time cooks, who prepare delicious dishes to the highest standards using the best of ingredients, obtained from local suppliers or markets en route. Dinner in particular is time to relax after the activities of the day, and enjoy the company of friends old and new.

Safety is an important consideration, and all of our boats are maintained to standards higher than those required under the strict safety code of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.