Working together in a challenging environment

The great thing about sailing on Trinity boats is that young people need to work together to undertake all of the tasks involved. We do not have to engineer team-building and problem-solving situations – they happen naturally as part of the normal routine and rhythm of life on board.

While on board the young people and group leaders will sail the vessel under the direction of Trinity’s professional crew, and undertake all of the duties involved: raising sail, helming, standing watch, preparing and cooking meals, cleaning the vessel above and below decks, and learning the basics of seamanship – including in many cases completing the syllabus for a Royal Yachting Association vocational qualification.

We aim to create an inclusive, friendly and fun atmosphere yet, due to the nature of being at sea on a working vessel, an informal structure runs through everything that we do. Everyone shares meals together around the big saloon table and in the evening after a day’s hard work there is time to relax, recalling the experiences of the day and enjoying each other’s company, whilst making plans for the next day’s adventure.

Training Video

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