Sail Training

Sail Training

Adventure, challenge, achievement

Join the adventure and experience the thrill and excitement of sailing on one of our fleet of historic Tall Ships. There is something about sailing on a 100-year-old vessel that brings out the explorer in everyone.

Night passages under starlit skies; making landfall at dawn; distant horizons and sea breezes; seeing whales and dolphins; exploring ashore. There are new places to visit — picturesque fishing villages, offshore islands, sandy coves and secluded estuaries.

Trinity runs residential sail training voyages for groups of young people and our experienced and professional staff ensure that each group member is able to play a full part. No previous experience is required. There are no passengers on our vessels: everybody is a member of the crew: the young people, their group leaders and our professional staff.

The sea is a challenging environment, one which encourages young people to get the best out of themselves. They travel to new destinations each day through their own efforts. Learning to manage a traditional sailing vessel at sea and in all conditions tests the innate abilities of each individual to the limit. Few young people ever have the opportunity of finding out just what they are capable of in such a way.

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