Parental consent form

Parental consent form


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Emergency contact

Please give details of somebody ashore who can be contacted in the event of an emergency:

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Medical information about your child

  1. Does your child have any medical conditions that may affect their time on board?

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    If Yes, please give brief details:

  2. Does your child have any condition requiring medical treatment, including any medication?

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    If Yes, please give brief details:

  3. Please outline the type of medication your child may be given for pain/flu relief, sea sickness,
    etc. if necessary:

  4. To the best of your knowledge, has your child been in contact with any contagious or infectious diseases in the last four weeks, or suffered from anything that might be contagious or infectious during that time?

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    If Yes, please give brief details:

  5. Is your child allergic to any medication?

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    If Yes, please give brief details:

  6. When did your child last have a tetanus injection (DD/MM/YY)?


  • Declaration
    I will inform Trinity Sailing as soon as possible of any changes in my child's medical or other circumstances between now and the commencement of the voyage.
  • I have read the terms and conditions.
  • I agree that the above named child can participate in the voyage as a trainee and as such will take part in all aspects of the running of the vessel. This includes domestic duties including cooking, washing up and cleaning.
  • I am aware that my child may go ashore unsupervised by adults and acknowledge the need for them to behave responsibly throughout the duration of the voyage and have spoken to them about this.
  • I agree to my child receiving medication as instructed and to any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.

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I have read and agree to the conditions of booking as detailed in the terms and conditions

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